TLBTV: CannaTalk – Cannabis … Your Brain on Common Sense

By Daniel Lewis Crumpton of

CannaTalk – Cannabis … Your Brain on Common Sense – By Daniel Louis Crumpton of

CannaTalk is a guest forum Where you can find weekly videos, articles (narrated slide shows) and wisdom as it relates to Cannabis. Please watch, learn and share their great contributions This weeks contributing guest is …

By: Daniel Louis Crumpton – Cannabis use has been with us since the dawn of time and for good reason. With a plethora of medicinal and spiritual benefits, this wonder herb or as some call it, the God plant, only has the negative side effect of late night runs to Krystal’s (or White Castle for all you yanks).

Shamans and seekers have benefited from its use to attain Enlightenment per the instructions of their spiritual texts and those suffering from a myriad of maladies have found its profound curative properties in its multitude of forms. Then the state comes along and puts a stick in all our proverbial craws. Thanks again state.

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About Daniel: He loves and welcomes feedback from his readers and listeners alike. As a result he makes every effort to be easily accessible to the best of his abilities. If you would like to offer your feedback on something he has covered in various formats, would like to make suggestions (guests or topics to discuss) for The Down Loaded Content Podcast, want to network with your platforms and mediums, are a literary agent in the market for a new author (he hasn’t gotten around to that little detail yet) or wish to have him as a guest for your radio show or podcast then feel free to reach out.

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