TLBTV: Balancing Act Of Life – Making Gluten Free Cookies … Yummy!

Balancing Act Of Life – Making Gluten Free Cookies … Yummy!


Presented by your Host: Emilie DeAngelo

Balancing Act of Life Host Emilie De Angelo discovered that Gluten Free living dissolved some digestive issues and skin issues to name a few and decided that Gluten Free living was a must for her. Although she mainly eats whole foods there are times when she is with friends and family and her normal eating is interrupted.

Gluten hides in many things so you must know what to look for and it took her time to really educate herself on what products had hidden Gluten.

Emilie prefers to cook and prepare meals at home and makes sure ingredients are natural, organic and now Gluten Free. In this episode Emilie share with you a Gluten Free recipe for cookies that can be made any time in large batches for freezing so they can be enjoyed as snacks, desserts, lunch treats and more. It takes the same amount of time to make something good as it does bad.

Throughout the episode Emile will give you information on ingredients and why she uses and which one she prefers. These lemon thumb-print cookies turned out well and had a great taste. Old and young liked their flavor so more than likely you will too! Love yourself and love your family by taking the time to prepare better healthy meals and in this case; cookie!

You can live balanced and pH Healthy if you use your brain and instincts over excuses and laziness! Take the Gluten Free challenge and see the difference in your mind, mood and body as you free your body from something it is better off without!

Let us know what you think and how you did!

Thank You!

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About the Host: Emilie DeAngelo, is an incredible woman, and her TLBTV show “Balancing Act of Life“ helps to prove just this! Emilie is a Survivor of Stage 3 Cancer, Author of “When Living is The Only Option” and “PH Healthy” (a digital book about her journey and how to balance food and lifestyle to regulate the important body levels), and Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who has developed a Health Tracking Kit using urinalysis test strips to measure, manage, and maintain proper pH levels (acidic/alkaline) and Glucose levels (negative/positive) within the body. Also joining us on the show today is Emilie’s partner and right hand, Mary Margret.

Emilie has done the research to be able to discuss a wide range of health related health topics and solutions that will make getting and being healthy, fun and educational. Her ultimate mission is to get the at home test kits into the hands of as many people as possible so they do not have to face the things she has had to all while providing the audience with the tools needed to stay healthy.

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