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The Sound of Waves … Have you ever thought about how important sound is? Many of us take for granted sound. The fact that we hear is extraordinary. Most of us have heard the term “sound waves” but don’t really understand what that means or what it does.

In brief, sound waves are longitudinal waves of alternating pressure that go through a variety of materials that become audible. Even much more simplified, it is audible vibration.

Now, let’s put that with a couple of examples of things we hear and can feel so you will better understand. Have you ever heard the sound of the tide hitting the beach and feeling the immensity of the waves on your feet? Or, how about turning up the volume on the radio and placing your finger(s) on the speaker and feeling the vibration? Or, how about hearing someone speak and placing your hand on their throat (or your own) and feeling the vibrations as the words are coming out?

As we think about all of this, sound too, evokes feelings. Sound can bring elation, happiness, joy, fear, and so on, and has been used in music for centuries to capture and convey messages the artist wants the audience to hear and feel.

Overtime, radio has come to provide a great place to share these messages. You will find in radio there are radio show hosts, emcees, voice over artists, and more.

Mike Wagner started his voice over career in the Chicago, IL. area at radio station WHCM, doing radio broadcast.

Throughout the years, Mike has done work for iHeart Media of Bismarck North Dakota, Cherry Creek Radio of Williston North Dakota, Fox Sports Radio, Discovery News Channel, US Bank, Bare Snacks, US Postal Service, Sears, ACX Audible, and auto dealerships in Chicago Illinois, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Sarasota Florida, and Western North Dakota.

Mike is a featured voice talent in Southern Illinois, greater Chicago Illinois, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Bismarck North Dakota, as well as, on the internet in Toronto, Canada, London, England, Dublin, Ireland, and Accra, Ghana.

Mike has over 30 years in professional broadcasting, specializing in radio, commercials, production, imaging, business presentations, narration, e-learning, audio books, gaming, on-hold messaging.

He also is the host of The Mike Wagner Show, which can be heard on TLBTV every Monday at noon (12 pm) Central, and on multiple other stations and localities, with interviews and more on his website, on Soundcloud, Spreaker, and soon to be available on iHeart Radio, iTunes and Google play. The Mike Wagner Show, on multiple platforms can be heard in 5 states and 3 Canadian provinces by well over 1 million listeners daily on the podcast at!

When it comes to evoking a certain feel, Mike’s show features the greatest songs of all time and he interviews interesting people doing all sorts of interesting things. He interviews celebrities, actors, writers, musicians, comedians, upcoming talent and more.

Mike offers the TLBTV audience a unique, refreshing, and insightful point of view, one that allows the audience to see and hear some of the “behind the scenes of radio” with an experienced radio professional! Listen Up !!!


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