Out Of Service – Hosted by: Lester Greene

Out Of Service – Hosted by: Lester Greene

TLBTV is welcoming a bursting new actor on the horizon, who if you are following, will find is constantly on the move and in the groove, Lester Greene. He is talented in so many areas that if you haven’t discovered his work, now is the time! He can not only be heard through the music he writes, produces, and sings, but he has also authored an inspirational book (more below) , and can be seen on camera starring in films, as well as, producing them. He is also launching a new show on TLBTV called, “Out Of Service.”

We welcome Lester Greene to the TLBTV family!

Here is a little background about Lester:

Packing bags and working construction as a child is where Lester Greene developed his strong work ethic. Born in Germany and raised in Texas, Lester was always a terrific athlete. He ran track and played basketball in his spare time and like most kids, had hoop dreams of playing in the NBA. Those dreams would quickly disappear after he refused an offer to play for the high school varsity basketball team.

Lester knew that playing professionally was a long shot so he made the transition to writing. He graduated with a degree in English/Journalism from Queens College (NYC), and then he had a moment of clarity. He witnessed a shooting that caused him to rethink his entire existence. Instead of becoming an English teacher, Greene decided to write about that shooting. He was so inspired that he then chose to follow his older brother down the path of becoming a rapper. He went on to produce four rap albums before calling it quits.

Greene had a friend named Henry who suggested that he pursue acting, considering he already had a stage presence from his rapping days. Greene began doing background work until he saw Larenz Tate up close and personal. Tate’s acting had inspired him to the point that Greene knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Act! While pursuing his acting career, Greene drives a bus to support his passion.

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Lester Greene’s second act is now in full swing having already worked with 50 Cent (50 Central) and Omari Hardwick (Power). He has studied with the likes of Alec Baldwin (Southampton Theatre), Peter Miner (Terry Schreiber Studios), Matt Newton, and Mary Boyer. He landed several speaking roles on television shows like Gotham, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, and Rachael Ray. He has also landed speaking roles in commercials for Chase, Rogaine, AAO, FYI, Amazon, MTB Bank, Citizen Watch, Peeps Delights, Buzzfeed, Boost Mobile, We The Internet TV, Crown Royal, Brooks and many more. Greene won best actor for his role in Driving Force at the Atlantic City Cinefest Downbeach Film Festival, and he won the Actors’ Showdown Monologue Competition at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival.

Independently, Greene has starred in and produced six short films, two of which aired on CBS through the African American Short Films program. He even wrote and published a book that is now available on Amazon called, “Act Like You Love Yourself.” The sky is the limit for this young budding star. It’s only a matter of time before he hits superstardom. Greene is producing two series shows, one of which will star celebrated actress Deetta West.

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