Dodgers Baseball: A Tale of Two Cities…

Dodgers Baseball: A Tale of Two Cities … From Brooklyn to Los Angeles … With Host Peter V. Trunk Sr. & His Two Co-Hosts, Rob Cole, & Ron Rabinovitz

What follows is a sure fire home run to the TLBTV family with a new show, Dodgers Baseball: A Tale of Two Cities from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, hosted by Peter V. Trunk Sr. and his two co-hosts, Rob Cole, and Ron Rabinovitz.

Host Peter V. Trunk Sr., was born in Brooklyn, New York and at one time played semi-pro baseball for the Newark Cardinals, even playing once in the original Yankee Stadium. He also sang and played blues harmonica in a Rolling Stones cover band and later taught high school Health & Driver Ed with tenure of 35 years. He served as an adjunct professor of Human Sexuality at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, but found his love for sports also led him to coach baseball and soccer and also later coached baseball on the college level.

One of the co-hosts, Robert Cole, went to his first Brooklyn Dodgers game in1954 against the Giants in the Polo Grounds and attended a number of games at Ebbets Field.  He continued to follow the Dodgers and became very interested in Brooklyn Dodger history. After the publication of Boys of Summer, he started investigating why the Dodgers moved and who was responsible for that move. That has become his passion and that passion continues today. His interest in baseball also led him to coach youth baseball for a number of years and umpire high school and college baseball for 25 years.

Ron Rabinovitz, is another co-host in the trio of experts in the Dodgers, who at the age of seven became a Jackie Robinson fan, personally met and held a deep admiration for him. After meeting Robinson the two formed an amazing relationship that began as pen-pals and grew into so much more. They formed a beautiful bond and became the dearest of friends, sharing their lives with one another until Robinson’s death in 1972. He is an active member of The Jackie Robinson Foundation and The Baseball Hall of Fame.

From early on, Ron had aspirations to be involved in the world of communications. At the age of 20 he moved to Minneapolis and later had a winning career as a radio broadcaster. He had many appearances and interviews to include: The Larry King Show, USA Today, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Chicago Sun Times, CBS Radio New York, ESPN, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and NPR,s The Story with Dick Gordon.

An Emmy nominated MLB Network documentary entitled,Letters From Jackie, telling Ron’s story was produced in 2007 and continues to be shown and a play, The Incredible Season of Ronnie Rabinovitz, written by Eric Simonson, of Broadway fame was a smash hit in 2014.

TLBTV gives a warm welcome to this incredible trio of Dodgers baseball experts!

From Facts to Nostalgia … Tune in to these Great Discussions … !!!


Dodgers Baseball: A Tale of Two Cities from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, hosted by Peter V. Trunk and his two co-hosts, Rob Cole, and Ron Rabinovitz … Coming VERY SOON to


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