A Message of Appreciation and Motivation

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

With so many negatives constantly being presented to all of us, The Liberty Beacon project would like to communicate a somewhat positive and motivating message for a change. We have been very fortunate to have worked for quite some time with a virtual cornucopia of intelligent, motivated, informed and awake individuals such as yourselves, and it is our extreme pleasure to do so! No, we did not see Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or any other true representative of We The People elected, but what we have accomplished is the awakening of millions of Americans to the reality of tyranny as it truly exists in this troubled and crippled Republic today.

This my friends is a monumental accomplishment, and this groundswell must not be wasted or taken for granted! We are sure you are all aware that the corrupt “powers that be” expect us to tuck our tails between our legs in defeat and limp off into a dark corner and nurse our wounds until the windup for the next election. This is exactly what we cannot at all cost do as it only serves to embolden those who would usurp our freedom and hasten our total subjugation!

The liberty movement in America, and actually across the globe, is reaching a point of critical mass, or the point where we can no longer be ignored or dismissed! This frightens those manipulating the puppet strings binding our leaders to them. Consequently this is exactly why we must not relax, pause, flounder or retreat, but push forward with the liberty-focused organizations many of us have created, to apply constant pressure while continuing to add more voices to our swelling ranks daily! This must be accomplished in a coordinated and unified effort to ensure we can gather the critical mass of voices necessary to succeed in reclaiming our freedoms and liberties before the window of opportunity closes forever!

We are very proud to work daily with so many of you and value deeply the relationships and bonds we have created! Think of it, we are scattered across this country and indeed the globe like buckshot from a twelve gauge shotgun blast at 100 yards, but converse daily as if we where next door neighbors. We share each others ups and downs and in a lot of cases our most intimate secrets. But the point of most significance is we all share in the absolute knowledge that the system is broken, or rigged in such a fashion as to preclude We The People from benefiting at the behest of those who would exercise absolute control over us! Now we stand together in name, spirit and against all odds!

We are truly blessed to know or be associated with each and every one of you, on any level, and derive great strength and encouragement from the courage, persistence and love for this country you communicate and demonstrate daily … THANK YOU!

Please join us by visiting and registering at www.TheLibertyBeacon.com Help us to build this far reaching media project dedicated to spreading the word and swelling our ranks, because it is our inter-organizational bonds and growing numbers that represent our greatest strength and guarantee of inevitable success! LIVE FREE!!!

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  1. From “The Five Minute” of Agora, part of Bill Bonner’s The Daily Reckoning, I read yesterday that they believe that that Mr. Obama will not leave the White House in 2016 – or even after that. It seems that someone somewhere intends to make of him a life time dictator.
    Also that there will soon be a huge oil and gas boom in America which will provide this new dictator with such enormous amounts of money that he will use it to enslave America even more completely because he will cause the population to have to rely on Government permanently. There will be no work or independence.

    There will be only the very rick and the very poor.

    Bill Bonner is said to be CIA; therefore they know what they are planning.

    It is like reading the Economist – they plan things and then write to say that this is what is likely to happen – as though it has nothing to do with the – of course!

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