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United States Health Consortium Presents

Special episode of – Who’s Calling The Shots – US Health Consortium Needs You!


Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 of Who’s Calling The Shots.

Hi, I’m Eileen, one of the founders of the United States Health Consortium. I want to share a bit about what we have been up to and ask that you consider getting involved.

The United States Health Consortium (USHC) is an umbrella organization of citizen leaders in science, education, advocacy, medicine, health, business, homelife, government and organizations together for clean air, food, energy, medicines, vaccines and water through education, advocacy and action.

Our (3) areas of focus include a growing online Resource Directory, our educational TV Show Series, plus an Advocacy Arm for all to get involved.

We offer you a Web-Site with an Online Resource Directory,, full of helpful links covering air, food, energy, medicine and water, education and support services. If you want pure water, clear skies, safe homes, real food, or suffer from side-effects, we aim to become a resource for you on our website.

The USHC’s TV Show Series, “Who’s Calling The Shots?” Already in our second season, bringing you leaders and experts with the latest products, services, policy and news. Our shows include the all-important ‘Action Alerts’, at the end of the show, so you know what you can do to actually make a difference, create a better you, a healthier family, community, country and world.

The US Health Consortium Action Group works on national interests as well as on Federal level issues. The USHC has already created a legislative response targeting corrupt national legislation is working to join in partnership to build the grassroots arm towards our common goals for true freedom in America.


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We need you and we need your help. If you believe in our mission, we want you in leadership or volunteering where and when you can.

Please let us know what area you can help out.

Thus far, I and others have volunteered to create the USHC. We appreciate everything everyone has done to get us to reach this amazing point. We are now ready to expand and are looking for all types of donations. We need your time, your cryptocurrency, airlines miles, timeshare or hotel points, money, etc…

Thank you!

Eileen Kurlander

Please go to our website for more information on how to donate,

Email us at


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Eileen Joy Kurlander USHC TV Show, Director and Producer

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