TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – The Earl Price Testimonial

The Red Pill Hardcore – The Earl Price Testimonial


Your Host: “V”

V has had many Targeted Individuals on his radio and now TV shows. But never guests from the Black urban areas of the country, as these witness accounts of government psyops are quickly swept underneath the proverbial carpet. The existing system is designed to do as anything a black person does is viewed as criminal or criminally insane and not given a second thought by most of society.

Today V has gotten hold of such an individual who has happened to record a testimonial of his experience with governmental plots and societal damnation. This Targeted Individual happens to be an underground rap artist who has been fighting for his life for as long as he can remember. This Targeted Individual’s name is Earl Price, aka “Double E”. Now some words from Double E himself.

“Price feeling fatherly training day soundtrack producer flossy P Dr Dre artist TV show my name Earl karma based upon my movie writings years ago.

I been through the system after mothers death, many people organizations against me. It rained moving back at 33 to California drought ended many spiritual signs professional communication people using skull communication said they know I’m Jesus Christ, they know I died LA county jail inmates gave me pills. I died, woke up 4 days later curtain over my bunk lunch trays behind my head.

Recently sent Bloody Marry to Obama he hit me with electronic weapons asking to break curse I’m having voices in ears beeping in my mind they tried to get me since a baby at 5 after prayer give me ya soul voice mom told OK me to a syke the did this to her freeway Rick Ross drug King pin my family on my half brother side effects m victim of gov mind-control organizations setting me back my name invention d780999/they branded 6×3/devil shit on me DJ games. I’m victim to emphasis on radio to my thoughts blanket shocks me.

Colorado spring joker shooting I was in the state then Dr Dre branded me as Batman Colorado spring jail met white Antichrist then black FOrest fire they told my brother they doing a movie with me but I been running for my life, 12 murder attempts on me 1 resurrection in jail.

It’s hard being me.

Once they did all they test rnm communication I heard doctors say we have him on our project hi I really Jesus all test prove it sun winds perfect timing biblically etc all they want is the spiritual elements in me gang-stalking my whole life hospitals just want my blood it’s mess up. Read my postings Illuminati said they don’t want to play this game with me being honest they make u do things ask u questions hope u lie and told truth pass my spirituality test but they did so much wrong to us camp challenger mind-control kids to go to jail.  I’m victim of all that they read dreams still ideas from ya mind put bad thoughts etc.”

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