TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Targeted for Organs

With special Guest - Activist, Mitchell Nicholas Gerber

The Red Pill Hardcore – Targeted for Organs – With special Guest – Activist, Mitchell Nicholas Gerber


Your Host: “V”

On this weeks episode V interviews a rare but well known activist Mitchell Nicholas Gerber, the man with the golden lion heart who works tirelessly for his cause.

Mitchell Nicholas Gerber is an Activist who has dedicated 20 years of his life to expose and help stop the Most brutal persecution and Human rights atrocity in Modern history in China: The State Mandated and State Endorsed Forced LiVE Organ Harvesting of the Falun Gong spiritual movement; where HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of practitioners of this spiritual mind and body practice have been murdered each year, since 1999 in China. Sent to 36 death camps and over 800 state mandated hospitals; where their bodies are cut open while ALIVE; organs removed and sold; and the Falun Gong practitioners’ bodies are burned in ovens to conceal this horrific atrocity.

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For additional information click on the link below:

Stop Organ Harvesting

End Transplant Abuse

Unethical Organ Harvesting 

The Persecution of Falun Gong

Friends Of Falun Gong


China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Exposed

SHOCKING: Forced Organ Harvesting Exposed!


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