TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Former Software VP Forced To Go Transhuman

The Red Pill Hardcore – Former Software VP Forced To Go Transhuman


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In this riveting episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE, I interview Alan Bellima a former software firm Executive Vice President. Mr. Bellima fell on hard times being overtly targeted by the United States government social culling and unconstitutional human experimentation.

The reasons as to why can be left up to anyone’s educated guess but he falls in line of those insiders who are knowledgeable that break off from the system to be free and live his own life as a free thinking individual. In his case he just retired, not even being someone of radical or of political interest which greatly illustrates the mentality slave driver establishment that only wishes to squeeze the blood, tears, and toil of every human being. When a person is viewed as being someone that out lives their purpose, they use operations already set into place to do what they can to dispose of the cog that no longer wants to be a part of the souless self serving machine.

The godless and gutless system in which we all need to become aware of and the practices in which it employs. These operations that monitor, control, and destroy. Its no longer clandestine as it’s in open view to all of us because we are mostly ignorant to the reality of the matrix that has no care or compassion for the people and seek to have us discard our humanity to be remade for the sake of their vanity that lacks any value or real purpose which is needed for our species to live in harmony. From human to transhuman as we are being forcefully assimilated into remotely controlled mindless borgs like drones serving a queen that doesn’t even give birth to the next generation.

The crown is dead and cannot give life as it’s interest to have autonomous artificial intelligence that reflect its sickness of infertility yielding the walking dead and only producing the dead. Mr. Bellima and his wife are such people who are heavily effected by these Agenda 21 machinations and are fighting for their health, safety, and overall right to live without “geoengineering” chemtrail nano-particle bio-physiological modification. They fight everyday for day, its time we fight back too. So be smart and do your part.


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