TLBTV: (EPI) Town Crier – GMOs for Beginners … The Need To Know !!!

(EPI) Town Crier – GMOs for Beginners … The Need To Know !!!


TLB Note: If you are a die-hard GMO activist this article and show are not for teaching you! But it ‘is’ for the person who is ignorant of the reality of GMOs, but wanting to know … the one you are trying to awaken …

Your Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Many of us on websites or social forums such as this one are aware of the problems, issues and dangers associated with GMO foods, herbicides and pesticides. We make it a point to be for the sake and health of our families, loved ones and ourselves.

But our mission as Anti-GMO activists needs to go beyond these concerns to a broadening of our power base or our numbers, because the only realistic weapon we have against these bio-tech giants and a complicit government is … numbers. So it needs to be the mission of each and every one of us to awaken as many of our friends, neighbors and members of our communities to the reality of GMO’s as we possibly can.

To accomplish this task we need good basic information that we can present to them in a fashion so as not to overwhelm them right out of the starting gate, or scare them back under their rock. What follows this preface is a great introduction to the subject of GMO’s.


Watch this thought provoking presentation …


The above contains excerpts from the following article. Please read this entire article, watch the 10 minute mini-documentary about GMOs: Genetic Roulette, and follow the available links for more in-depth information by clicking on the link/image below:

Genetically Modified Organisms for Beginners … or GMOs 101


Please use the information supplied here as a starting point … your heart and voice need to be added to the throngs of people already concerned, upset, angry … or just plain fed up because … (click on image below to find out more)


My Parting Shot …


Stay tuned to …


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