TLBTV: Balancing Act Of Life – Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Balancing Act Of Life – Taking Time to Smell the Roses


Presented by your Host: Emilie DeAngelo

Emilie De Angelo Balancing Act of Life Host is always talking about Balancing Life, Living in the Moment, Learning Something New, and taking time out, or “Taking Time to Smell the Roses”.

Well in this episode she practices what she preaches and takes you on a two day get away with her family to show you the town of Bethlehem PA, some of its history and the new craft of glass blowing she learned.

We took a tour guide through the town of Bethlehem and learned a lot about the settling of the Moravian’s and all that they went through and how today we have evolved from their inventions and struggles not to mention hard work.

The beautiful steel stacks that were once their main source of income as they were the #2 company for steel back in the 1800s that built many of our well known historic sites through the states, has been converted into a casino and downtown tourist attracting maintaining its originality and respect of what once was.

The glass blowing class, which art is dated back to 15 B.C from the Italians, was so insightful as to how hard they worked and the talents that they possessed. The glass blowing was beautiful however tiring and hot in areas. We made Christmas balls that we will treasure for a life time, all secured with our own hot air!

I took the time out to shoot this video to share and remind everyone that Balancing your life, living in the moment is so very important. After all that’s what it’s all about, the journey, the experience and you!

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About the Host: Emilie DeAngelo, is an incredible woman, and her TLBTV show “Balancing Act of Life“ helps to prove just this! Emilie is a Survivor of Stage 3 Cancer, Author of “When Living is The Only Option” and “PH Healthy” (a digital book about her journey and how to balance food and lifestyle to regulate the important body levels), and Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who has developed a Health Tracking Kit using urinalysis test strips to measure, manage, and maintain proper pH levels (acidic/alkaline) and Glucose levels (negative/positive) within the body. Also joining us on the show today is Emilie’s partner and right hand, Mary Margret.

Emilie has done the research to be able to discuss a wide range of health related health topics and solutions that will make getting and being healthy, fun and educational. Her ultimate mission is to get the at home test kits into the hands of as many people as possible so they do not have to face the things she has had to all while providing the audience with the tools needed to stay healthy.

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