TLBTV: Balancing Act Of Life – 2018 The Year of Constant Exposure & Disclosure

Balancing Act Of Life – 2018 The Year of Constant Exposure & Disclosure


Presented by your host  Emilie DeAngelo

I am not doing this episode to spread hate, I do it to show those who may not have seen or even know about these things that are dangerous to themselves and their families.

I didn’t.

When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer I was told it was environment. WTF?

Through my years of research I found out that many brands (I didn’t smoke, my father did) that we trusted in our home and with ourselves/families were supplying us with what I will call poisons. In one video you will see how long they have known, right when my body started accumulating, and I am the result of it.

Now they may have been given the green light by the FDA to keep certain ingredients at a minimal level in order to avoid dangerous effects, however has anyone taken the time to consider that many of these marketed personal and household products when combined, and over time … become extremely harmful, or even deadly to us? No they didn’t, there are no studies out there that I have found showing the testing of the cumulative effect of one or more household products when used together on a regular basis.

I have never found studies of regular household products combined with pesticide sprayed fruits and vegetables either. Well why would they? Why even consider it? Because combined products, and products alone, cause illnesses especially after constant and prolonged use. I am a product of the environment apparently, so I want to share some new and not so new videos that show the truth and exposure that the courts are now making these companies tell us.

Again I do not bring this out of hate, I bring this out as your God given right to know and make your own choice, not a choice being made out of ignorance, or for you out of greed and complicity.

I will not be speaking through these videos, I want to stay contained and allow you to make your own choice and conclusion.

Love to you and your families.

Peace out!

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About the Host: Emilie DeAngelo, is an incredible woman, and her TLBTV show “Balancing Act of Life“ helps to prove just this! Emilie is a Survivor of Stage 3 Cancer, Author of “When Living is The Only Option” and “PH Healthy” (a digital book about her journey and how to balance food and lifestyle to regulate the important body levels), and Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who has developed a Health Tracking Kit using urinalysis test strips to measure, manage, and maintain proper pH levels (acidic/alkaline) and Glucose levels (negative/positive) within the body. Also joining us on the show today is Emilie’s partner and right hand, Mary Margret.

Emilie has done the research to be able to discuss a wide range of health related health topics and solutions that will make getting and being healthy, fun and educational. Her ultimate mission is to get the at home test kits into the hands of as many people as possible so they do not have to face the things she has had to all while providing the audience with the tools needed to stay healthy.

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